Financial aid for the self employed, SMEs and companies

Some things never change, such as how to stay by your side whenever you need it.

We help you face how COVID-19 may affect your business, SME or company with the Company Support Plan, with which we provide you with the aid and financing solutions that best suit your needs.

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banca online

What measures can I take?

If you are an SME or a self-employed person, you can postpone the payment of taxes
Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Treasury allows a 6-month postponement of taxes such as withholdings of personal income tax, payment of VAT, or fractional payments of Corporation Tax. Both self-employed and SMEs, which are those companies with less than 250 workers and less than 50 million euros of annual turnover or that have a balance sheet of less than 43 million euros, can benefit from this measure. This deferment will not have deferment interest for the first 3 months. Find out more here.
If your business or company has made temporary redundancies, you are exempt from paying Social Security contributions
This exemption will be in force while the temporary redundancy lasts; that is, as long as your company or business has suspended employment or reduced working hours. If your company has fewer than 50 workers, the exemption will be total, while if your company has 50 or more workers registered with Social Security, the exemption will be 75%. More information here.
If you are self-employed, you can apply for suspension of activity benefits
Providing you meet one of the following:
- Your activity has been suspended because of the measures under the state of emergency.
- You can provide evidence that the income received in the previous month is at least 75% lower than your average income of the previous six months. For example, if you apply in May, you must prove that the income you obtained in April is at least 75% lower than the average of the previous six months.

What financing can I request?

We facilitate access to the new ICO credit lines v
Our more than 3,000 specialised managers help you process the necessary documentation to request an ICO Credit Line to cover several types of payments: salaries, rents, payments to suppliers, payments due, financing or tax. Here You can find out how to request it and what documents you need.a.
Aid for managing working capital v
If you need help managing your working capital, we offer you solutions such as commercial discounts, factoring and confirming. They will help you to cover needs derived from managing your company’s collections and payments. To access these solutions, contact your manager or send us your details here and we will contact you.
You can request deferment of payment on your current financing products
If you currently have some products to help you manage your money, you can request deferment of payments. Because we adapt to your company or business’ specific special need in the current context.