Information on the mortgage moratorium

Sectoral Mortgage Moratorium

An initiative of Banco Sabadell and the other banks attached to the Spanish Banking Association (Spanish acronym AEB). Customers who meet the following can apply:

  • Those who do not meet the requirements of the Legal Moratorium.
  • Those who have already accessed the Legal Moratorium and have exhausted the 3-month grace period and have requested the Sectoral Moratorium before 29/09/20.
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If you want to apply for a mortgage moratorium, what should you do?

If you have not accepted a moratorium:

1. Use our simulator to see whether you can access the Legal Moratorium.

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If you have already accessed the Legal Moratorium, you can also request the Sectoral Moratorium before 29/09/2020:

1. Check whether you meet the requirements to request the Sectoral Moratorium.

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2. Apply with just one click.