SimplifICO, financing solutions from our ICO Credit Lines.

Banco Sabadell understands what you need to adapt your business to these new times.

We want to continue by your side, supporting you and offering you financial solutions so that you have the tools you need to help you adapt to the new normal and continue to grow your business or reactivate it.

Who is it amied at?

The self-employed, businesses and companies

Annual turnover
Line 10
100,000 euros
10,000 euros
Line 25
300,000 euros
30,000 euros
Line 50
1,000,000 euros
50,000 euros

*Financing proposal for illustrative purposes. Higher amounts than those indicated may be considered.


With SimplifICO we make a financial aid plan available to you for your business. Its purpose is to provide you with liquidity in order to develop or reactivate your business activity (such as the payment of wages and salaries, bills, rent, taxes or financial expenses), and also to help you make new investments for your business (asset acquisitions, adaptation of facilities etc).

How to apply for the ICO Credit Line

So we can analyse the financing needs of your business and give you an answer within 7 days, you need to provide us with the following documentation:



Application Process

Sybmission of the documentation and formal application

Response t othe application (7 days later)

Signing of the transactions

Funds credited to the account (6 days later)

Sabadell’s commitment: We respond to your request within 7 days and credit your account 6 days after signing.1

Special conditions for professional groups

If you belong to a professional or business group with a collective agreement signed with Banco Sabadell, you can enjoy a specific offer with preferential conditions. Ask your personal banker which financial solution is offered to your group or call 900 500 170.