Ukraine guarantee line

Is your business being affected by the war in Ukraine?

If so, consult all the information on the new assistance plan intended for the self-employed and companies announced in the RDL 6/2022, endowed with 10 billion euros

The first announced tranche, 5 billion euros, is to be distributed as follows:

How to apply for assistance?

Through your manager, who will also help answer any questions you may have

When is the application period?

The Guarantee Line will be available until the funds are allocated or until 1 December 2023

What documentation must you submit?

In addition, if the application adheres to point 2.2 of the State Assistance Ukraine Temporary Crisis Framework

and is referenced to 15% of the average annual turnover of the last three years, you must submit:

And is referenced to 50% of the energy costs in the last 12 months, you must submit:

The certification of an energy supplier of the company’s energy costs over the 12 months prior to the month the application for the guaranteed financing is made to the financial entity.