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If you are already a client but have not yet been able to enter, perhaps you have not registered your remote banking contract
I enter my username and password, but I cannot enter
Your ID card must be up to date
Can't remember your password? You can recover it; it's very easy
consultar mis cuentas y otros productos

Can I check my accounts and other products?

Check the account balance and transaction
Your card transactions, also under control
Receive notifications of your account and card transactions on your mobile
If you need to request an account certificate
consultar mis cuentas y otros productos

I have Savings and Investment products

Manage your securities account from home
mover dinero sin salir de casa

Transfer money between your accounts
Transfer money
Are you going to send a transfer more than once these days?
Do you want the money to get there right away? You have two options
Move money from your credit card to your account
mover dinero sin salir de casa
gestionar mis recibos
gestionar mis recibos

Place a standing order for a bill
If you want to see a bill...
If you want to return a bill...
Do you have a large bill?
Per pagar impostos...
Per consultar impostos...

Manage checks without entering a branch

You can write a check online
¿Cómo recupero saldo?
¿Cómo recupero saldo?

I had an unforeseen issue in my current account. How do I recover balance?

Do you have more than one account? Make a transfer between accounts
If you have a credit card, you can transfer money from the card to your account
Have you paid a large amount with your credit card this month? Split it into instalments and recover the amount in your account
You can also postpone a card settlement
I want to pay as little as possible of the credit spent
banca online
banca online

How to check my tax information
Yes, the documentation for the last two years is available
Mi gestor
Mi gestor

My manager has sent me documentation pending signature

pagar con el móvil
pagar con el móvil

I want to pay with my mobile. How do I do it?

We give you all the options, whatever device you have
Sacar dinero

Withdraw or deposit money from an ATM

What to do if you or someone else needs to withdraw money
How to deposit money into an account without entering a branch?
Sacar dinero

How do I protect myself on the Internet against fraud

Ajudes econòmiques per a particulars

Moratòria de préstecs personals
Avancem el cobrament de la prestació d’atur
Rescat anticipat de plans de pensions, de previsió i d’EPSV